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ePTFE Joint Sealant | Expanded PTFE Tapes

ePTFE Joint Sealant Tape is a very versatile gasket tape. These soft gasket tapes are highly compressible, allowing them to offer sealing along surfaces with even minor gaps and crevices.

Our ePTFE Joint Sealant Tapes come with a one-side adhesive backing and are available in all standard cross sections. Customisable dimensions are also available on request. Gaskets made from PTFE and ePTFE (expanded PTFE gasket) offer excellent chemical resistance, withstand high temperatures, and can provide sealing in pressures of up to 100Bar.


Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) is a highly specialised product manufactured by only a handful of companies in the world. It is produced through a carefully monitored process and is available in both mono-axial and bi-axial forms.

The uniqueness of its properties makes ePTFE a highly sought after material in applications requiring:

  • Joint sealing

  • Insulation (temperature and electrical)

  • Vibration dampening

  • Insulation (temperature and electrical)

Properties Benefits
Up to 15mm in thickness and 100mm in width Quick delivery and customisable solutions
Up to 60% compressibility with 14% recovery Superior sealing even at minimum torque loads
Meets AMS 3255A specifications Suitable for high-end applications such as aerospace and healthcare
One-side adhesive Allows for easy installation and fixing
Tolerant to temperatures of up to 220°C Effective in high-heat applications
High chemical resistance High endurance even in extremely corrosive environments
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