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Heavy Insulation Components

Components in PTFE, PEEK, and other high-performance polymers can be used in applications that involve harsh environments and require heavy insulation.

PTFE can be used in service temperatures of up to 260°C, while PEEK can withstand up to 300°C. This makes them materials of choice in high temperature applications.

PTFE also has a breakdown voltage of up to 100Kv/mm, making it ideal in electrical insulation. Both polymers exhibit superior resistance to aggressive chemicals.

In general, polymers are increasingly preferred to metals in applications where the environment is so harsh that strength alone will not suffice. A few examples of these include:

  • PTFE sleeves and couplings for railway power lines

  • PTFE films for high-voltage capacitors

  • PEEK rotary seals in nuclear reactor applications

  • PPS bearings and bushings in pulp and paper equipment

  • Polyimide (Kapton) tapes for heavy electrical insulation

  • PTFE radomes for radar applications

  • PTFE shields for chemical plants

Poly Fluoro Ltd has the design and technical knowhow to understand the client’s end application and suggest a polymer that is best suited to the given environment and load conditions.

Why Poly Fluoro Ltd ?

High precision
Tolerance on dimensions to within 10 microns
Material selection
Fully customisable grades to match OEM requirement
State-of-the-art testing
Mechanical properties to match global standards
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