ptfe creep

Moulding Shop

Compression moulding capability for both PTFE and PEEK in-house

Hydraulic presses ranging from 50 tonnes to 200 tonnes

Cold moulding of PTFE before the sintering process

Moulding cum heating process for PEEK

Blending for customised compounds in PTFE and PEEK in-house

teflon creep

Machine Shop

Turning centres

Turn-mill centres

Vertical milling centres

Conventional machine shop

Tool and design facilities for specialised fixtures

peek valve seats

Skiving Unit

Dynamic capability to handle thicknesses ranging from 0.04mm to 6mm

Close tolerances as low as 0.01mm (10 microns)

peek valve seat material

Extrusion Plant

Dedicated 3-story plant for continuous vertical paste extrusion

CNC-controlled extrusion press for PTFE tubing and customised profiles

Custom-built extrusion press for large bore tubes and heavy-walled cross sections

turcite b

ePTFE Unit

Custom-built, CNC-controlled ePTFE stretching machine to meet global quality norms

Enhanced capability to manufacture expanded PTFE tapes in thicknesses of 0.5mm to 15mm

In-house extrusion and tooling expertise to allow for unique profiles

Inspection Facility

Fully-equipped inspection and testing facilities to verify dimensions and material properties

Rapid-I inspection system for non-contact dimensional inspection

Customised gauges for inspection of large volume parts

In-house capacity to test properties such as:

Tensile strength


Specific gravity

Breakdown voltage

Coefficients of linear thermal expansion

Wear resistance (K-Factor)

Coefficients of friction

Compressive strength

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