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Injection Moulded Components

Complex polymer components can be injection moulded based on customer drawings or designed in-house by our team to match the requirements of the end-application.

Poly Fluoro offers a fully integrated moulding set-up from part design and mould construction, to product development and bulk production.

We offer a range of grades, all of which can be customised with fillers and additives to enhance the component’s end-properties. Working with OEMs around the world, we offer high-precision injection moulded parts where the volumes and/or part construction will not suit a machining solution.

Material selection is essential in getting the correct solution for a given application. Poly Fluoro Ltd understands the strengths and limitations of each material and accordingly works with the end-users to narrow in on the most effective option.

Material Name Main Properties Notes/Applications Temperature Range

Virgin PEEK

Excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures

High tensile strength and dimensional stability

FDA approved

Most effective as a seal, backup ring, V-packing or Chevron seal

Used as rotary seals in Nuclear applications

-40°C to 260°C

Carbon filled PEEK

Many similar properties to Virgin PEEK. Particularly suitable for elevated temperatures and high load situations.

Low coefficient of friction and suitable for many extremely corrosive applications

-40°C to 260°C

Acetal or Delrin

Displays good resistance to wear and deformation under load Easy to machine; dimensionally very stable

Excellent for valve seat applications Excellent for ferrules, probes and sensors

up to 80°C

PPS or Ryton

Excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures High tensile strength and dimensional stability

Used extensively in pulp and paper manufacturing as it resists chemicals specific to this industry Cost effective alternative to PEEK

-40°C to 220°C

PVDF or Kynar

Excellent chemical resistance High tensile strength and dimensional stability Resistant to creep

Used in chemical industries for linings, fittings, and sleeves Excellent in semi-conductor components

-40°C to 220°C

PA or Nylon

Displays good resistance to wear and offers thermal and electrical insulation in moderate conditions

Easy to machine; dimensionally very stable. Inexpensive

Excellent as bobbins, sliding elements, and insulating sheaths

PA6, PA66, and PA12 variants - can be filled with glass or PTFE for enhanced properties

up to 80°C


Superior chemical resistance


Retains room temperature stiffness and strength at elevated temperatures

Extreme toughness

Heater cables

Chemically resistant linings for pumps and pipes etc. that require a higher temperature resistance.

up to 170°C


Very high impact strength

Excellent high frequency electrical properties

Good weathering resistance.

Coatings and protective linings

Chemical apparatus

Wire coverings

Glazing film for solar panels.

up to 150°C

Why Poly Fluoro Ltd ?

Range of grades
Fully customisable grades to match OEM requirement
High precision
Tolerance on dimensions to match best-in-class global norms
Superior performance
Only the highest quality material used, offering unmatched end properties
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