PEEK is most often compared with PTFE. The two have multiple similarities including good temperature resistance, chemical inertness and dielectric strength. When it comes to pure physical strength however, PEEK moves ahead on two counts.

  • The absolute strength of the material is much higher.
  • PEEK has a lower specific gravity (1.35 against 2.25 for PTFE).

Types of PEEK seals

Piston ring seals 

Piston rings are used primarily to aid wear absorption on the outer diameter of the piston shaft. PEEK is hard enough to withstand the extensive wear induced within the piston, but not hard enough to damage the metal components

Ball valve seats

Ball valve seats show a predominant preference for PTFE, as they require a soft material that yields easily to the shape of the ball valve.

Rotary shaft seals

We have developed compounded grades of PTFE with PEEK to cater to the rotary shaft seals market. The combination of PTFE and PEEK is a powerful one.

Ball and butterfly valve seats

A number of different materials are used in this application, including PTFE, Delrin and UHMWPE. PEEK finds acceptance specifically in applications with high pressures and temperatures.

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