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PEEK Seat Manufacturer & Supplier

PEEK seats can be made in diameters of 20mm up to 300mm. PEEK material can be either virgin (unfilled) PEEK or PEEK with fillers such as Glass, Carbon, Graphite, and PTFE.

Poly Fluoro uses in-house blending techniques to allow for a fully customizable end-product that seeks to understand the client’s application and create a specialised solution.

In addition to this, our best-in-class CNC machining facilities allow for component profiles that can be made within tolerances as low as 20 microns. Poly Fluoro can either machine the component from a customer drawing or can reverse engineer an existing seat from a sample using our high-precision vision inspection systems to match the dimensions perfectly.

Why Poly Fluoro Ltd ?

Extreme toughness
Valves exhibit mechanical strength to meet or exceed global norms
Excellent wear resistance
Special fillers and additives to improve wear properties
High precision
Tolerance on dimensions to within 10 microns
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