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PTFE Bellows

Bellows are among the most complex components that can be machined from PTFE. The properties of PTFE make PTFE Bellows invaluable in many fluid control applications.

Bellows are CNC machined using specialised tooling and programming to ensure that they are dimensionally flawless. Poly Fluoro Ltd uses a combined experience in moulding and machining techniques to ensure that no black spots, micro-cracks, or surface irregularities are present in the final product. Furthermore, our dedicated design team is always on hand to assist clients with any modifications, if required.

A Poly Fluoro Ltd PTFE bellow can withstand up to 2,000,000 cycles. Since most requirements call for anywhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 cycles for the life of the bellow, this metric allows for a sufficient cushion.

Once manufactured, a bellow is subjected to a series of tests to confirm its long-term durability during application.

  • Burst pressure test

  • Cycle testing

  • Temperature test

  • Dimensional inspection

Why Poly Fluoro Ltd ?

Superior performance
Cycle times, burst pressures meeting best-in-class norms
Extreme precision
Proprietary tooling and machining to achieve flawless dimensional tolerances
Material selection
Fully customisable grades to match OEM requirement
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