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PTFE Seals

Poly Fluoro Ltd Ltd. employs a range of filled and unfilled grades of PTFE to offer a diverse range of seals for a variety of OEM applications.

PTFE is used in seals because it encompasses all the properties essential for a good sealing element, mainly:

  • High wear resistance

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • Moderate hardness (allowing for better overall mating with metal parts)

  • Durability – both with temperature as well as corrosion

Our typical range of parts includes, but is not limited to :

  • Back-up rings

  • Thrust washers

  • Ball-valve seats

  • Butterfly valve seats

  • Piston ring seals

  • Rotary shaft seals

  • Spring-energised seals

  • Lip seals

  • Tapered valves

  • V-packings

  • Chevron seals

Parts are CNC machined to tolerances of up to 10 microns – which is in line with best-in-class global tolerance norms.

Our parts go through a rigorous inspection process, including raw material inspection, in-process inspection, and final inspection. All parts are assigned batch numbers with full traceability to the raw material and process parameters.

For high volume parts, special inspection gauges and fixtures are employed to ensure 100% inspection before dispatch.

Material selection is essential in getting the correct solution for a given application. Poly Fluoro Ltd understands the strengths and limitations of each material and accordingly works with the end-users to narrow in on the most effective option.

Material Name Main Properties Notes/Applications Temperature Range

Virgin PTFE

Very low coefficient of friction and excellent chemical resistance. Soft and easily machinable. Will deform under high loads

FDA approved

-40°C to 260°C

15% Glass filled PTFE

Decreased compressive strength and lower deformation under load than virgin PTFE. Reduced creep

Abrasive material

-40°C to 260°C

25% Glass filled PTFE

Similar to 15% Glass better wear resistance, higher compressive strength, and lower deformation under load.

Abrasive material

-40°C to 260°C

Stainless Steel filled PTFE

Extremely hard wearing. Excellent strength and stability under extreme loads and elevated temperatures.

Can be used on steam and thermal fluid applications Highly abrasive

-40°C to 260°C


Much denser polymer structure than Virgin PTFE. Displays better stress recovery.

Modified TFE Polymer Can be welded for fabrication Excellent for bellows and diaphragms

-40°C to 260°C

Carbon Graphite filled PTFE

Lower thermal expansion-contraction rate than conventional PTFE Harder than normal PTFE

Ideal for use on steam and thermal fluid applications Excellent for V-packings and Chevron Rings

-40°C to 260°C and even 320°C on Thermal Fluid applications

Why Poly Fluoro Ltd ?

Extreme toughness
Valves exhibit mechanical strength to meet or exceed global norms
Excellent wear resistance
Special fillers and additives to improve wear properties
High precision
Tolerance on dimensions to within 20 microns
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