Seals, Valves, and Seats

Seals, valves, and seats are can be made using PTFE, PEEK, Delrin, Kynar (PVDF) PA66, and specialised materials such as Rulon® and Turcite®. At Poly Fluoro, these products are available in a range of dimensions and profiles, and are customisable based on client requirements and OEM drawings.

All parts are assigned batch numbers with full traceability to the raw material and process parameters. For high volume parts, special gauges and fixtures are employed to ensure 100% inspection before dispatch.


Our typical range of parts includes, but is not limited to:

  • PTFE and PEEK back-up rings
  • Thrust washers
  • Ball-valve seats
  • Butterfly valve seats
  • Piston ring seals


  • Rotary shaft seals
  • Spring-energised seals
  • Lip seals
  • Tapered valves
Poly Fluoro is an RDSO approved manufacturer of PTFE Bearings and POT-PTFE Bearings. Our products usually employ virgin PTFE sheets or PTFE with a 15% glass filling. This gives us better creep properties than other fillers without compromising on the coefficients of friction. We also provide bronze, carbon, and MoS2 fillers.
Properties Benefits
Tolerance as low as 10 microns World-class machining with high precisions
Special tools and fixtures developed in-house Broad capability to achieve any dimensional requirement
Full traceability Parts tracked at every stage of production
Rigorous inspection process Non-contact vision inspection. Special gauges for high-volume parts
Unique grades and fillers Customisable to attain material properties as required

For more information on PTFE Tubing, visit our blog.

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