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HelioGlide® Solar Tracker Bearings

Solar tracker bearings from Poly Fluoro Ltd allow for the rotation of solar panels so that their angle is maximised in relation to the sun. This improves the efficiency of the solar plant and significantly reduces costs.

Poly Fluoro Ltd has used its strengths in polymer grade selection and application knowhow to develop speciality bearings for solar tracker applications. HelioGlide® bearings are custom developed taking care to understand the operating conditions of the plant as well as the load and dimensional requirements of the solar tracker itself.

Typical arrangement of a Solar Tracker Bearing

Advantages of HelioGlide® Bearings

  • Lightweight – Large strength to weight ratio. Unlike a metallic bearing, the weight of the polymer bearing does not itself impose an additional load on the solar tracker, thereby minimising energy requirements

  • Wear resistant – Made using special wear reducing additives allowing the bearing to consistently perform without needing replacement across the life of the power plant

  • Self-lubricating – Requires lower maintenance and upkeep.

  • Weather resistant –UV stabilised and weather resistant

  • Cost effective – Costs a fraction of metallic bearings

  • Fully customizable – Can be machined to specific client project requirement

Choice of Polymer

At Poly Fluoro Ltd, we have studied the application of solar tracker bearings and devised a number of formulations for different operating conditions. However, we remain partial to a few base polymers, which are then modified with additives to attain the final properties we require.

Polymer Type Polyamides Polyacetals Polyethylenes


Easily injection moulded

Low moisture absorption




Cost effective

Good machinability

High dimension stability

Low moisture absorption

Highly customisable

Good machinability

Good machinability

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