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PTFE Bridge Bearings

PTFE Bridge Bearings - also called Structural Bearings, Load Bearings, Slide Bearings, or Bearing Pads – are an essential component to any structure expected to face varying vertical and horizontal loads and internal movement.

Such bearings are primarily employed in bridges, roadways, and pipelines. In many cases, such bearings are also used in buildings to offer additional support to load beams and girders.










Coal Handling Plants

PTFE Sliding Bearing
PTFE Sliding Bearing
PTFE Sliding Bearing

Poly Fluoro Ltd. has combined its expertise in PTFE sheets with know-how on PTFE bonding techniques and metal fabrication to produce high quality and durable bridge bearings. Primarily, our bearings come in two forms:

  • Slide Bearings – these are flat bearings whose basic structure comprises two sliding elements – one of PTFE and one of polished stainless steel. Each element is fixed to a flat mild steel plate either by bonding (PTFE) or welding (SS). Although the basic design is simple, guides may be employed to restrict movement in one or both lateral directions. Furthermore, rotation can be incorporated using either an elastomeric layer or machining the plates to form a spherical bearing.

    PTFE Slide Bearings are also called PTFE Sliding Plates, PTFE Plain Bearings, Skidway Plates, and PTFE Bearing Plates

    Sliding Bearings are usually employed for loads within 100 Tonnes

  • POT - PTFE Bearings – these are slightly more complex bearings whose design strictly follows the IRC: 83 Part III code. The bearing comprises of a POT and a Piston. The POT contains an elastomeric layer of Neoprene. The Piston sits within the POT, on the elastomer and the vertical load applied on the Piston is transferred to the elastomer. PTFE is employed on the top of the piston to aid sliding movement.

    POT-PTFE Bearings can be employed for loads of 50 Tonnes and above.

Poly Fluoro Ltd is an RDSO approved manufacturer of PTFE Bearings and POT-PTFE Bearings and has supplied numerous infrastructure projects around the globe.

Our bearings usually employ virgin PTFE sheets or PTFE with a 15% glass filling as this gives us better creep properties than other fillers while not compromising on the coefficient of friction. Fillers of bronze, carbon and MoS2 are also available.

Why Poly Fluoro Ltd ?

Superior design
Customise the bearing to suit the exact needs of the client
Best in class manufacturing
Shorten lead-time, while assuring CNC level precision on the bearing assembly
State-of-the-art testing
Properties fully verified before the bearing is assembled
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