Bridge Bearings – also called Structural Bearings, Load Bearings, or Bearing Pads – are essential to any structure that experiences internal movement and varying vertical and horizontal loads.










Coal Handling Plants

Poly Fluoro combines its expertise in PTFE with technical know-how in PTFE bonding and metal fabrication to produce high-quality, durable bridge bearings.

Poly Fluoro’s bearings are available in two forms:

Sliding Bearings — These are flat bearings comprising two sliding elements —  PTFE and polished stainless steel. They are generally employed for loads less than 100 tonnes.

Properties Benefits
Compressive loads of up to 300kg/cm2 Smaller bearings capable of taking high loads
Coefficient of friction as low as 0.03 Smooth sliding movement every time
In-house design capability Customised for rotation, load upliftment, and guided movements


POT-PTFE Bearings — These bearings are slightly more complex in nature. Their structural design strictly follows the IRC: 83 Part III Code generally employed for loads of 50 tonnes or more.

Properties Benefits
Manufactured as per IRC:83 (RDSO) standards Meeting highest industry standards
Loads from 100 to 500 Tonnes Bearings to suit every load application
In-house design capability Customised for rotation, load upliftment, and guided movement

Poly Fluoro is an RDSO approved manufacturer of PTFE Bearings and POT-PTFE Bearings. Our products usually employ virgin PTFE sheets or PTFE with a 15% glass filling. This gives us better creep properties than other fillers without compromising on the coefficients of friction. We also provide bronze, carbon, and MoS2 fillers.

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