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PTFE / Teflon Wear Strips and Bands

Poly Fluoro Ltd Piston Bands are designed for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Its unique design prevents equipment seizures which can arise with other forms of guidance materials. Poly Fluoro Ltd Piston Bands offer extremely low friction and break-away forces. This material is also resistant to all hydraulic fluids and is suitable for temperatures up to 200°C.

Poly Fluoro Ltd Piston bands are the solution to costly cylinder re-machining and repairs for large diameter equipment. Coils are available in common sizes and are easy to use, cut and install.

The bearing material is made from PTFE with a 40% Bronze filling and is specifically designed to support heavy loads. The exceptional physical properties and PTFE's self-lubrication properties make the piston bands suitable for use on rams or pistons in reciprocating applications.

Typical application of PTFE piston band in shock absorber struts

Key Advantages

  • Prevents metal to metal scoring and prolongs equipment life

  • Reduces radial movement on both rams and pistons to extend seal life

  • PTFE's self-lubrication allows for lower coefficient of friction between mating surfaces

  • Retrofits existing bearing groves and eliminates unnecessary modifications

  • Available in common groove width dimensions, minimizing inventory costs

  • Strips can be cut to size from the coil

  • Accommodates equipment over 300 mm in diameter

Why Poly Fluoro Ltd ?

High Precision
Tolerance on thickness within 0.02mm
Material Selection
Fully customisable grades to match OEM requirement
State-of-the-art testing
Mechanical properties to match global standards
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