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PTFE Amplatz Sheaths

PTFE amplatz sheaths are used in medical devices to allow the smooth passage of surgical instruments into the body. The sheaths are designed to be probed into the body and form a channel through which instruments can be passed.

In applications such as urology, a polyurethane pipe will pass through the sheath and a guidewire will the pass through the polyurethane pipe. This telescopic arrangement allows the medical guidewire to move into the body with precision and without causing any abrasions within the body.

PTFE is an inert material that has many properties that make it ideal in this application:

Product Details

  • Firm, kink-resistant PTFE material

  • Radiopaque – a filling of barium sulphate or bismuth trioxide makes the tube visible to x-rays

  • Tapered tip designed for atraumatic placement and ease of advancement over dilators or balloons

  • Available in 14F to 34F ID even sizes

  • Fully customizable length

  • Tapered end allowing tubes to better glide into the body

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