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Bush Bearings

PTFE Bushes are used in applications where standard metal bearings cannot be employed due to high coefficients of friction and where other polymer bearings fail due to high loads or temperatures.

PTFE bush bearings offer dry-running, lubrication-free behaviour. Our bushings provide the step from a simple plastic bushing to a proven and tested, and thereby predictable and quickly available, machined component.



  • Oil-free running – an idea choice in areas where constant lubrication is not possible, but heat build-up due to friction is an issue

  • Variety of grades – each grade of PTFE offers different properties. Depending on the application requirements, the appropriate grade can be selected

  • Durability – high wear resistance, low moisture absorption and minimal deformation make this a choice that needs to be made only once

  • Cost effective – although more expensive when compared with metal, the low specific gravity combined with the long life of the bearing makes it a very viable option economically

Regular PTFE Bushes also offer a comparable, cost-effective solution to more expensive branded polymer bearings made using Rulon® or Lubring.

Why Poly Fluoro Ltd ?

Superior Design
Customise the bearing to suit the exact needs of the client
Best in class manufacturing
Shorten lead-time, while assuring CNC level precision on the bearing
Material Selection
Fully customisable grades to match OEM requirement
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