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Lubring is PTFE impregnated with fillers and additives that serve to enhance the wear properties of the material. It is used, most often in a sheet form, in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm (0.02”) to 4mm (0.16”), although in some applications, it is also used as a bush and in more rare applications it is used as a thick plate.

Being based on PTFE, lubring cannot be extruded like a normal plastic sheet and instead needs to be “skived” – the process most commonly used to make thin PTFE sheets. Also, the material will not easily adhere to other surfaces – another feature resulting from its PTFE base. Therefore a chemical etching is required on one surface of the material, so the sheet can be bonded to other articles. The metal surface is wear resistant because of the epoxy part used in it.

Lubring offers the following key advantages:

  • Very low friction for reduced power loss

  • No stick-slip for positional accuracy / control

  • Good specific bearing loads

  • Low wear for long life

  • Excellent chemical resistance / fluid compatibility

  • Unlimited shelf life

  • High temperature resistance

  • Absorbs vibration during machining

Lubring Slideways (a proprietary PTFE formulation) is a superior bearing material developed specifically for machine tool ways, gibs, and other sliding applications. Lubring is widely used by leading machine tool manufacturers, re-builders, and in-plant personnel to offer excellent precision for used equipment. Lubring slydway is a high-performance thermoplastic material for use on linear bearing application as found on the guideways of machine tools and other linear bearing applications.

As a sliding bearing, Lubring provides unparalleled compressive strength, load carrying capabilities, low friction, precise positioning accuracy, and minimal wear – with or without lubrication. Further, the extruded billet process reduces internal stress and allows Lubring to lay flat, thereby facilitating easy handling.

In many applications, lubricating two moving parts that slide against each other can be a major problem. This can be either because of the nature of application or the cost involved. It is essential, in such cases, to use bearings that can operate even when completely dry — without compromising on performance.

Properties Benefits
Coefficient of friction as low as 0.06 Low wear in dry operation. Increased service life
Superior etched surface Easier, more reliable installation with advanced adhesion
Moisture absorption of 0.01% No swelling, leading to long-term dimensional integrity
Excellent vibration dampening Keeps cutting tool vibration from migrating through the machine tool
High chemical resistance Suitable for use even in extremely corrosive environments
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