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ePTFE Tape

ePTFE Tape is an ideal form-in-place gasket material made from 100% pure virgin PTFE that has been expanded to achieve a foamy structure. The tape comes with one-side adhesive that aids in installation by allowing an exact placement of the gasket lining.

Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) is a highly specialised product manufactured by only a handful of companies in the world. It is produced through a carefully monitored process and is available in both mono-axial and bi-axial forms.

ePTFE Tapes fall somewhere between sintered PTFE tapes (made from skiving a fully sintered PTFE billet) and thread sealant tape (made from calendaring unsintered PTFE strips).As such, they imbibe the electrical properties of skived tapes, while retaining the malleable structure of thread sealant tape. Furthermore, the foamy structure allows for better thermal insulation as compared to both the other variants

Properties Benefits
Density: 0,65 g/cm³, +/- 0,1g/cm³ (for rectangular cross sections only) Quick and simple installation.
Thickness 1mm Reduced down time
Temperature range: -240c up to +260c, for short period up to +310c Reduced stock
Chemical resistance: resistant against all chemicals from pH 0-14 No risk
Pressure resistance: vacuum up to 200 bar Safe
Aging resistance: FluoroFoam itself does not age and is UV-resistant. No waste
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