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Hydraulic Polyurethane Seals Manufacturers & Supplier

Polyurathene or PU is a soft plastic with slight elasticity. This property makes PU a highly sought after material for hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals. Although the material will not be able to withstand temperatures in excess of 150 Deg C, for applications within this temperature, polyurethane offers superior sealability at a very reasonable cost.

Poly Fluoro has the capacity to both machine and injection mould polyurethane material. Seal sizes can vary from as little as 10mm all the way up to 400mm+. Similarly, injection moulded sealing solutions - such as sealing strips, guides, and channels can be developed in-house, keeping the end application in mind such that a solution is offered that is tailored to the client's exact use.

Why Poly Fluoro Ltd ?

Extreme toughness
Valves exhibit mechanical strength to meet or exceed global norms
Excellent wear resistance
Special fillers and additives to improve wear properties
High precision
Tolerance on dimensions to within 10 microns
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