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Poly Fluoro Ltd. Piston Bands are designed for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. With a unique design, it prevents equipment seizures that can arise with lesser polymers and offers extremely low-friction and breakaway forces. Our piston bands help address the problem of re-machining costly cylinders and repairing large-diameter equipment.


At Poly Fluoro Ltd., coils are manufactured in common sizes and are easy to use, cut, and install. Parts can also be punched to a specific profile in case large volumes are needed.

Additionally, bearing materials that are specifically designed to support heavy loads are made from PTFE with a 40% bronze filling. Their exceptional physical properties make our bands and strips suitable for use on rams or pistons in reciprocating applications.

Properties Benefits
Coefficient of friction as low as 0.06 Low wear in dry operation, increasing service life
Moisture absorption of 0.01% No swelling, assuring long term dimensional integrity
Withstands temperatures of up to 240°C Effective in high-heat applications
High chemical resistance Suitable for use even in extremely corrosive environments
Best-in-class wear factor (K Factor) Prevents metal-to-metal scoring, prolonging equipment life
For more information on PTFE wear material, visit our blog.

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